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How not to cast a powerful love spell

Mistakes to avoid when casting a powerful love spell

When you study how to cast love spells, things to avoid and things you shouldn’t do should be taken into consideration as well. I, spellcaster Maxim Spellshelp.Com, want to tell you about these things in this article, outlining the most common mistakes typical of beginning spellcasters. Perhaps, the biggest mistake is trying to cast spells for other people. If you want to use magic, cast spells only for yourself. Any ritual is based on your relations with those Higher Powers which are monitoring your life, help you learn and acquire wisdom, and protect you from negative energies and your own mistakes. When you cast a powerful love spell, these forces help you, provided you’re fighting for your own happiness. But when you try to help someone else with a spell, these forces don’t help you, so you’re left one-on-one with some dangerous evil spirits and demons. If someone needs help, they need to hire professional magic practitioners who closely collaborate with Higher Powers which assist them in helping those in need. There are many restrictions applying to women who want to cast love spells. First of all, women are not allowed to do magic if they have children under 7 years old. They shouldn’t cast spells if they are pregnant or are going to get pregnant in the near future. They should never cast any spells, including those considered safe and harmless, on underage people (spells can be put on girls after they turn 18 and on boys after they turn 20). The next restriction has been mentioned by me, spellcaster Maxim, many times, but I still want to repeat it. All rituals intended to help you build a relationship should be cast during the first ten days of the waxing moon, while rituals intended to end relationships should be cast during the last ten days of the waning moon.

How to cast love spells incorrectly

Сasting a love spellMany articles explaining how to cast love spells recommend needles as one of the key magic ingredients. In my opinion, this advice puts inexperienced magic practitioners at unnecessary risk and is very dangerous. When you pierce a photo of your loved one or your photo through with a needle, you break through their protective field which may never be restored. It automatically transforms your love spell into a curse. As for what a curse is and why it is dangerous, please see my website. If any items are required to perform a ritual, remember that these are always special magic items. They can be found at specialized esoteric stores or on websites run by professional magic practitioners. If you need a candle, it should be a special magic candle. If you need a knife, it should be a special magic knife. And so on and so forth. Speaking of needles, I’ve come across multiple sources encouraging beginning magic practitioners to hide needles at the target’s house. They say you should put some spell on a needle and then bring the needle to the target’s house and hide it in a crack in the floor, under wallpaper, etc. It’s a big mistake. The needle will destroy the protective energy of the place making it easier for evil forces to get in. It’s very common with black magic which engages evil forces to impact the target. However, as a beginning magic practitioner, you should avoid black magic. It’s too dangerous and can have long-term negative effects. I’d like to say a few words about your mindset when you’re going to cast a powerful love spell. I, spellcaster Maxim, believe that the ritual can be successful only if: - You believe it’ll be successful; - You’re confident; - You feel you’re about to finally become happy; - You’re not scared; - You’re optimistic; - You don’t have nightmares; - You believe you have the right to put a love spell on the target; - You feel empowered; - You feel like your heart is bursting with love for the target. If all of these apply to you, proceed with your spell. Everything should be fine. However, you should be prepared to deal with a number of unpleasant side-effects if you: - Seek revenge; - Intend to destroy someone’s family; - Are going to use a black magic ritual; - Going to dominate the target in your relationship; - Want to make the target obey you; - Are driven only by your sexual desire; - Want to be with the target to eventually break the target’s heart. If that’s the case, your strongest love spell will turn into a powerful self-curse in no time.

The strongest love spell by spellcaster Maxim

The best and safest way to use magic is to let me cast the strongest love spell for you. I guarantee confidentiality, anonymity, great and fast (relatively fast) results. I can cast a love spell successfully almost on any person and help people who have even given up on love. Just choose your target, specify your preferred relationship duration and seriousness, and I’ll perform a love ritual meeting your needs. I practice only safe magic so I can ensure your safety. After you start dating the target, I can modify your relationship if needed using one of my many other magic spells. Contact me today and I can start preparing for your spell as soon as tomorrow!